Saramalacara – USB Idol (EP)

Argentina continues to export talent; now all eyes turn to Saramalacara, her great exponent in hyperpop and the urban scene.

Saramalacara has had the ascent of a rocket in her short musical career. The first song we see published on his Spotify is from 2019: “Budokai Tenkaichi”.

After the success of this one, Saramalacara has not stopped getting fans and reproductions, until he reached his viral moment this year with “Guchi Polo”, of which we find a remix on this EP.

Saramalacara is also part of the “Rip Gang”, a collective of artists that includes such as Taichu, Young Death or ODD MAMI.

Her style is not easily labeled, since we listen to more urban cuts with trap rhythms, a lot of influence from electronics on others and even things from pop. This is largely what makes her music special.

In this EP we mostly find the latter; electronics takes over the rhythms of two of these three tracks that make up “USB IDOL”.

“BBYNOSE_147BPM9S” is the first of these titles that still seem tentative; This one also tells us the BPM the track is going to , and it is the slowest of the three.

We are wrapped in an atmosphere of positivism thanks to the happy rhythms and melodies, which also evoke the party atmosphere. A totally catchy and danceable cut that flies past us every time we play it, despite lasting almost three minutes.

Then “WAIFU_153BPM2B” sounds. Among the three, this is the one that has the least electronic music, in fact it has more of pop-rock due to the constant guitar melody.

It also goes deeper into the trap and despite having more BPM, it doesn’t give the same sense of speed as the previous song. It should be noted that this EP, like most of Sara’s music, has the collaboration of Evar in the production.

Finally we find “GPRMX_170BPMA2”, the remix of “Guchi Polo” we were talking about. What used to be the chorus now serves as a build up towards a drop of drum n ‘bass which his voice continues to accompany.

The end of the song plays very well with darker rhythms as we hear Sara’s vowels cut off constantly. A remix that is liked and that is perfectly taken from the original; our favorite without a doubt on this EP.

The potential has already been put on the table by Saramalacara, now the world needs to take note of it and wait for his total explosion as an artist. And seen what has been seen, this will not take long to happen.

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